Corn Puff Ring Processing Line

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Model No.EI65-IIIEI70EI85
Installed Power74kw105kw205kw
Power Consumption52kw75kw150kw
Production Capacity100-150 kg/hr200-260 kg/hr400-500 kg/hr
  • Model - EI65-III
    Installed Power – 74kw
    Power Consumption – 52kw
    Production Capacity – 100-150kg/hr
    Dimension – 17000x1300x2200mm
  • Model - EI70
    Installed Power – 105kw
    Power Consumption – 75kw
    Production Capacity – 200-260kg/hr
    Dimension – 20000x1500x2200mm
  • Model - EI85
    Installed Power – 205kw
    Power Consumption – 105kw
    Production Capacity – 400-500kg/hr
    Dimension – 30000x1500x2200mm

The extruder is composed of :

  • Feeding System
  • Extrusion System
  • Cutting System
  • Roasting
  • Seasoning

Feature :

  • Frequency speed controlling system on main motor, cutter and feeder ensure machine stable performance and saving.
  • The forced lubrication system, by guaranteed equipment transmission longer life, Oil box is made by 3mm steel plate, sealed well. Tube with 12mm, can suffer high pressure (300PSI), Connection manner like clip.
  • Visible auto-temperature controlling system, make temperature-controlling to be more direct-viewing, parameter to be more precise.

Extrusion Barrel :

The extrusion barrel is made by 38CrMoAL. The hardness is around HRC60. There are three barrel supports which hold the barrel. The steel plate is 10mm thickness. There are seven (7) steel bars to strength the steel plat form. To find a wonderful balance between reducer and gear box.

Feeding Hopper :

The screw feeding hopper is droved by a 0.75kw motor and the hopper is made of stainless steel. There are two mixing agitators in the feeding hopper.

Extrusion System :

The extrusion mechanism is driven by a 75.0kw motor. The jacket and the screw are made of especial hardened and tempered steel. The kind and quality of the steel treatment are special to provide more useful life to the parts. The gear in the reducer is made by heating treatment to harder and result by grinding machine, the surface is more smooth and shining.

Corn Puff Extruder :

Corn Puff Extruder is made by special craft by 38CrMoAL excellent material and bing Nitratinng treatment, Segmented screw is available for special product requires, including mixing flight, cut flight, Kneading element, steam lock, etc. There are two coupling stick between extruder barrel and gear box, which is protect by the housing coupling stick. The screws with self-cleaning function.

Cutting System :

It is a movable cutting system, with steam above exit and a fan for moving moisture above the product box.

Heating System :

The band is heated by band heater, Dimension for the band heater is 168×70 & 198x110mm. Band heater is made by stainless steel. Cast aluminium heating heater also available options, Water cooling is available when required.
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Puff Corn

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