Pop Corn Processing Line

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Engimech manufacturing continuous Roasters are our top choice for a company seeking low-cost, high-quality roaster. These roasters ensure uniform roasting for maximum flavor development. Three different models provide capacities of 100 kgs/hr, 200 kgs/hr respectively. All sizes of continuous roasters have manual or fully automatic operation options. Uniform color penetration, fast heat transfer, minimal fuel usage, and precision roasting in a continuous, automatic operation cycle make our roasters an excellent choice for nut processors to provide a high-quality product to the customers.
Our continuous roasters come factory prewired and program tested for immediate, trouble-free operation. Since coolers are necessary for most applications these machines are the top choices in the industry for fully roasting or drying peanuts, almonds, pistachios, sesame, pumpkin & sunflower seeds, puffed rice, and other similar types of nuts, seeds, and grains, shelled and unshelled.
Model No.CapacityPowerFuelFuel Consumption
Roast Master - 100100 Kgs/Hr7 HPGAS/OIL6/7 LTR. PER HR
Roast Master - 200200 Kgs/Hr10 HPGAS/OIL10/12 LTR. PER HR
  • Model - Roast Master - 100
    Capacity – 100 Kgs/Hr
    Power – 7 HP
    Fuel – GAS/OIL
    Fuel Consumption – 6/7 LTR. PER HR
  • Model - Roast Master - 200
    Capacity – 200 Kgs/Hr
    Power – 10 HP
    Fuel – GAS/OIL
    Fuel Consumption – 10/12 LTR. PER HR
Products made using Roast Master
Pop Corn

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